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Custom Commissions
I regularly work on custom paintings, portraits and illustrations and am available to discuss any ideas you may have.

How can I commission a painting?

You can either email or phone me to discuss the piece you'd like. From there we'll decide on the style, size, colours, and arrange the pricing, timescale and payment options. Click here to go to the contact page.

What do you receive with a commission?

You'll receive the original art work, sent first class, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, a digital Certificate of Authenticity, and a 10% discount off any future commissions.

You'll also receive an 'In Progress' photo book of photos taken as the piece is being completed. You can choose between a digital version for free or a printed copy on recycled paper for £25. If the commission is a gift for someone we can add in personalised messages to the photo book. Please contact me to arrange this.

What is the payment process?

You can either pay the full cost upfront, for which you'll receive the receipt and digital Certificate of Authenticity immediately. Alternatively you can pay a non-refundable down payment of 50% to cover the material costs and as a deposit, for which you'll receive a receipt, and then the full receipt and digital Certificate of Authenticity after the remaining 50% is paid, once the commission is completed.

Do you do returns?

Unfortunately not, but fortunately this has never been an issue to date.

How long does a commission take?
This obviously depends on the commission, but generally an A4/A3 drawing will arrive at your door within 10 days, and a painting will usually take a minimum of two weeks. I will always give you a maximum completion date based on current work and projects I have going on at that time. If you need a commission completed urgently there's the possibility of a fast-track option for a premium fee.

How much does a commission cost?
Again, this varies according to the commission. I base cost on the time it'll take rather than size, and prices include first class postage and packaging, and insurance. Please contact me for a quote.

Do I own the rights to the commission?

You will own the original artwork, but the rights of all original work, commissioned or otherwise remain the property of Emma Hames. For large scale projects - such as book illustrations or designs used for businesses there is some flexibility with the use of purchased images, which will be agreed upon in the form of a licensing partnership and drawn up as a formal contract.  You are more than welcome to share the work on your websites and social media pages with credit included.

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