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You, just met me in a moment that soon left

between the hopes the dreams and the regrets

and you weigh me  for my love and my sins

caught in this one moment

and when

you see the path and not just the stone

when you hear me laugh and not just moan

about the wind that carries me south

maybe you'll believe things will work out

so please don't judge me

on a case

that was bursting at the seams

and trust

that what you beleive

isn't always the truth as you think you can see

hanging between the night and the daylight

on a frame that knows no wrong or right

is a web caught in the dancing air

and it's moving but going nowhere

and i

i was taught to walk before i could run

to land before i could jump

but you push me off the ledge

and chase me to the edge

so please don't judge

on a case

that i buried in the sea

and trust

that what lies within

isn't always

forever left to ruin

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