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dreaming of waves

always been afraid of change

but staying still terrifies 

me, more and im leaving for 

new cities new challenges

not quite sure how to manage this

everyone else seems to have it down to a t

whilst im just lying on my settee

reminicing about familiar days

when we slept on sand and stayed awake 

with hands tracing body shapes 

when you when you when electrify me

when you you when you electrify me


time stands still when you stand next to me

and i fall deep when you lie next to me

always been letting the bad ones in

but you're the only one i don't want to leave i don't want to leave


and this world's so collective

one screen seen my millions

billions without connection

split into a thousand sections

not so together but its not forever

its a part of the road

you wont grow old alone

as long as im here

as long as im here

cause you electrify me

cause you electric me

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