What is eco art?

Simply, it is applying the best-practice standards across every aspect of an arts business that limit any negative environmental effects, and contribute to any positive environmental effects.

Even in 2019 this is a relatively new and developing area. We all know in general terms what it means to be sustainable but applying this to even a modest sized project or business is a highly complex task. Some elements are relatively simple (such as working with an eco-friendly printing company), whilst others, such as working out the life cycle of a type of paint, prove more challenging. However, it's a challenge that's important to rise to. The following is a list of current and upcoming changes being made to ensure all the work here is as eco-friendly as can be.


  • Working with a certified eco-friendly service for prints of original work

  • Printing marketing materials on 100% recycled card only

  • Upcycling: working on old/recyclable materials


  • Researching and choosing the best eco-paints around

  • Researching and choosing the best eco-canvases to use

  • Researching and experimenting with other recyclable canvases

  • Building a low-energy consumption art studio


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