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Custom cARDS

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bring your ideas to life

E-cards option available
emma hames card design CatGeo
emma hames card design guitar head
emma hames card design drummer cat
Emma Hames The Elephants Card

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Hassle-free all-in-one Christmas card service

Bespoke designs

Show how much you value your clients and customers with that personal touch over generic cards

100% recycled card

Customisable extras

Prices include both front and back printing

Free P+P

Custom card sizes

Order deadline:  5 December

*commission your own collection of designs with the more than 1 design option. Please state how many in the design requirements box or call/email to discuss

**larger orders possible

Kraft card and envelope

Price Range

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Custom cards price range
Custom cards extras price ranges

Design ideas

Design ideas

Feel free to call or email to discuss any ideas

  • Drawing/painting of your head office

  • Drawing/painting of your shop front

  • Drawing/painting of your iconic product/service

  • Catcature image of your staff members

  • Artistic representation of your core values



What does the process involve?

1. Place your order, 2. Receive the invoice, 3. Once payment clears you'll receive a receipt and the design process begins (1-3 days on average), 4. You'll receive the final design to proof-check before it's sent for printing. 5. From your design proof-confirmation it'll take around 6 days to receive your cards (subject to order size).

Can I order more than one design?

Yes you can order a collection of designs. Simply state how many you'd like in the form above, or by calling or emailing.

How long does it take to receive my cards?

Depending on the design it usually takes 1-3 days to complete your design, around 6 days for printing and delivery (depending on the order size). In general we say within 2 weeks. Larger orders may require slightly more time.

Is there a deadline to order to receive the cards in time for Christmas?

Based on the above turnaround date the deadline for orders is the 29 November.

Can I see the design before it's printed?

Yes - you'll receive an email with the final image upon completion. Up to 3 minor adjustments are included in the price. We will discuss the image brief in detail beforehand to ensure your requirements are met.

What type of envelopes are available?

The envelopes included as an extra are plain white gummed diamond flap envelopes. Coloured envelopes are available at request too.

Do you offer returns?

Once the order has been processed and the cards printed we're unable to offer returns. However if you should change your mind at the pre-printing stage once the design has been sent to you, we can offer a  refund for the amount it would cost for the printing. The costings will be broken down for you in the invoice.

Can I order more than 10000 cards?

There is the possibility for larger orders. Please call or email to discuss.


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