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Deluded or damaged not sure which

Path I mounted looking for happiness 

Is it just a mirage on the mountain

Or is there something there, so rare,

Yet still in each of us, to teach us

Right from wrong, a yearning to belong 

When weak hold on, when strong

Stay among the righteous path with

Your feet grounded, but by my ghosts I'm surrounded, daily, stranded on a lone island I'm deserted but in the City I'm still hurting

The hustle and bustle just another jungle

To hide my troubles in the concrete rubble

We'll hold on to each other too late to take back the hate, but it's a new day to change our ways

And pace the way to a higher state

Less political, more societal

Less synthetic, more natural

A natural state like the way we came, full circle,

On our tour of life,one step in front 

Just trying to make it right 

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