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hanging by a thread

wrapping up in a rug

cause your arms left this place long ago

when you held so tight and i felt so safe

but you were just playing. playing away

whilst i was away and then you dare to shift the blame

but now im shifting shapes, shifting form

creating, taking on a new life, a new day, new dawn

'cause the sun still sets when you're not here

and the sun rises brighter without the fear

of not being good enough for you

making me feel i was in debt to you

for loving so strongly, perhaps wrongly 

i saw my future in you

an image that you painted over tainted with others

and it took me a while to forget you

but ill remember it was the perfect start to my own race

against myself, making sounds, making waves

riding the swell through all kinds of days

but im still kind and i imagine you're still kinda dazed

by your own selfish ways , and it's just how it played out

maybe you're the same but i've changed now

threw that burned tshirt away, pheonix through the flames

pedal to the floor towards my best days

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